Lordz game online

Good news for all admirers of quality browser games, for all those who do not like to play alone, but prefers multiplayer battles! Most recently, the world saw the latest online strategy from Spinbot Studio – Lordz game. It will please players with a perfect storyline, dynamics and a lot of opportunities to express themselves and their skills.
Lordsio events do not develop in a fantasy, fictional world, but in the real Middle Ages, where all the characters are armed knights, with their own castles and army. Naturally, the goal of the game is the same: wars, battles, battles and the seizure of foreign territories. Time just to cool, as in some other mini-games, there will not be, only the speed in making decisions, the correct tactical and strategic chords will be the key to success and will allow the participants to break out into the leaders.

Stages of passage

There is no direct task in Lordz, there are a few tasks and all of them need to go in stages, smoothly moving from one stage to the next. The primary goal is the accumulation of primary capital. Immediately after loading and selecting the skin, the participant must collect sufficient amount of money for further advancement. Gold is located right under your feet and with sufficient dedication in a short time you can save a decent amount.
The second step is to choose a place for fortification and erection of buildings. The construction of houses in Lordz is compulsory, the number of future troops depends on their number. Houses, when destroyed, bring a good income to the enemies, so they need to be properly strengthened and enclosed on the perimeter by towers. All turrets are equipped with a good weapon and for the first time minutes after the siege they will be able to protect the property and defend it before the arrival of the main forces of the owner.


The third preparatory task for the player will be the army. It must be hired for the remaining coins. At the bottom of the playing field is a list of available for hire soldiers, their characteristics and cost. It is important to know that the warrior’s price depends on his combat training, endurance and vitality. Naturally, the most valuable acquisition is the dragon, it perfectly protects the commander and easily burns to the ashes of strengthening rivals.
When all the above tasks are successfully completed, the last, the main part of Lordz – conducting combat operations. Around a lot of land occupied by neighbors, they must be captured, destroyed checkpoints and smashed enemy military units. Naturally, it is desirable to start with weak enemies, or equal in strength, stronger ones with ease to deal with the weakling. For each routed unit, the winner gets experience, builds up the army and advances in the top.

Nuances and tips

For better warfare, it is important to remember that an enemy is considered defeated only if the main character is killed. In this case, the victor gets experience and the surviving troops. If the opposing lord is only wounded, he can hide, heal the damage and after a while again increase his strength and with a new attempt to rush into battle.
The army is allowed to lead into battle as one rallied battalion, and dividing it into small teams and sending offensive from different positions. To split and reverse merge, just use the space bar. Also, Lordz provides automatic control, in which the user only sets the direction of movement, and the units attack any opposing opponent. We recommend that they be used only as a last resort, it is best to fully control the entire process and personally manage each collision.

You can control the process in Lordz with both mouse and space, and use the ERTYUIO key combinations on the keyboard. When flying out of the competition, all the property that was previously saved remains for the player, and after returning to the battlefield, he can continue the competition for the championship from the previously left positions.